Decorative Manifestation Film
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Decorative Manifestation Film

Decorative Manifestation films can be applied to windows, doors and glazed partitions/screens in home or the office. These films can enhance the look of older buildings or complement the image of newer buildings.

These window films come in a variety of patterns, finishes and widths. We carry a wide range of samples; clear, neutral, frosted, embossed and coloured, something to suit every home or office.


Decorative Manifestation Film

We are able to custom design films to allow corporate logos and colours to be incorporated. We can eithercomputer cutorprintto achieve the required look and finish.

Privacy Film

Privacy films are designed to provide visual privacy in sensitive areas by converting existing glazing to obscure. It is a simple and attractive way to secure and obscure ordinary glass whilst still allowing light through. You can choose from an extensive range of colours and shapes to suite your needs.