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Our range includes:­

Flame Retardant Fabric

If you’re purchasing for a workplace or public building then you need to consider Flame Retardant blinds.

Our range of Flame Retardant fabrics and easy clean moisture resistant blinds are an ideal choice for any commercial and office solution.

We offer a comprehensive range of Roller, Vertical, Pleated and Curtain fabric ranges, covering all types of Flame retardant specifications.

Solar Reflective Energy Efficient Fabric

The energy and power from the sun can soon build up in your home or office, taking the temperature to oppressive levels in summer months.

SPC is a coating on fabric that has solar reflective properties and is Flame Retardant (SPC means solar protective coating). Ideal for use in areas where higher temperatures are a problem and for control over sunlight on computer screens.

Blinds with SPC coated fabrics, can reflect the heat and light from the sun before it enters your home or office, keeping it cool and controlling the light.

These blinds are available in many colours ranging from the metallic, planetary tones Of Iron And Crystal To The Energetic Tones Of Gold, Amber And Lemon.

Infection Control Fabric

MRSA is currently a major concern to every healthcare organisation in the country. Ultra Fresh* is an anti microbial coating that has been licensed for use on window blinds, exclusively to the Louvolite range in the UK. Ultra Fresh is unique in that it kills MRSA and bacteria outright when it comes into contact with the blind guaranteeing a sterile, germ free surface.

Blackout Fabric

Blackout fabric is guaranteed to prevent any light from passing through it, and in addition it can offer thermal insulation properties to save energy.

It reduces the thermal build up of heat in summer and reduces thermal loss in winter, cutting your heating bills in winter and air conditioning bills in the summer.

It is also available Flame Retardant.