Pleated Blinds
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Pleated Blinds

A pleated blind offers a soft effect at the window. The pleated fabric, usually in 25mm pleats, is attached to a head rail at the top and to a bottom rail.

With a standard free-hanging blind, it is opened by pulling the lift cords, the bottom rail being raised towards the top rail causing a concertina effect as it retracts. The lift cords pass through a cord lock, thus enabling the blind to be held at any height.

The Rooflite pleated blind operates with perlin wires through the fabric. They may be cord, wand or hand draw operated.

Dual function pleated blinds may use three rails with a different fabric in each section, thereby utilising a daytime fabric together with a night time fabric.

Choose From A Wide Range of Fabrics

Fabrics range from translucent to opaque and blackout. They are either plain or patterned (including Jacquard or multi-coloured). Materials are polyester and cellulose-impregnate paper. Reflective metalised finishes to the external face, flame retardant and Scotch-guard treatments are available.

Country Blinds offers the Perfect Fit system of pleated blinds.

Pleated blinds can also be electrically operated, remote or fixed switched.