Solar Control Window Film
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Solar Control Window Film

When the sun shines, the heat transmitted through the windows can quickly become unbearable. Window film rejects high levels of solar infrared heat, offering strong protection against glare, uncomfortable heat, and uneven temperature fluctuations.

With UV window film fitted, there is no need to close blinds or turn up the air conditioning to maintain a comfortable climate, in return saving money on energy costs.

Our Solar Control UV Window Protection Film is the latest generation of high performance window films.

Our conservatory window film keeps out much of the solar energy and radiating heat to keep you cool and comfortable.

Our Range

We stock and install a large range of films, from various manufactures including LLumar, CPfilms and other Quality Brands. From basic mirrored silver, greys and bronzes to the higher performance spectrally selective films offering a neutral subtle appearance and a clearer view out.

LLumar Shade Films, made with LLumarĀ® Technology, are a family of transparent polymer films that handle like traditional shade fabrics keeping you comfortable at any time of day and in any season without sacrificing the view from your window. LLumar Shade Films:

  • Reduce allergen exposure common with fabric shades.
  • Reduce cooling expenses by blocking up to 80% of the sun’s energy.
  • Reduce glare and decrease eye fatigue.
  • Reject up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light that contributes to skin damage and fading of interior furnishings.

TheseĀ transparent shade films, manufactured by CPFilms, are designed for use in window coverings such as roller shades and blinds and are easy to clean. Films are sold in continuous rolls to shade manufacturers for further conversion into window coverings.

LLumar Shade Films come in a choice of:-

  • an embossed or pleated pattern, to enhance the appearance from both interior and exterior views.
  • Solid coloured films available in a range of colour combinations.
  • Different reflectivity levels to maintain daytime privacy.