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Which Blinds Are Best For The Workplace

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Which Blinds Are Best For The Workplace

Effective window coverings are essential for any working environment. They provide effective light control which makes the office a more pleasant place to work, and prevent glare from computer screens. They can also help to protect a room from direct sunlight, and help to keep the temperature at a comfortable level.
But which Blinds work best in the workplace?

Vertical and Venetian Blinds

Vertical and Venetian Blinds are probably the best Blinds for offices. They provide a high level of light control thanks to the slats which can be angled. They will let in sufficient natural light while deflecting any direct rays.

The slatted blinds are also durable and easy to maintain. Venetian Blinds are made from aluminium slats, which are very simple to clean and will maintain their stylish look for a long time. Vertical Blinds have the added benefit of attracting and accumulating less dust, making them easier to keep clean and can be specified in Flame Retardant and Heat reflective Fabric.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds also offer good window coverage, although they may be less well suited to windows that face the sun. They can be ordered in fabrics that will filter sunlight, although they would need to be lowered completely to enable working in bright sunlight.